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Did you ever hear about JungleScout? Are you an Amazon seller but failed to meet your targets? I understand how difficult it is to sell on Amazon. I personally started selling on amazon in 2014, but couldn’t generate enough revenue. Finally, one of my friends recommended me JungleScout, after which I suddenly got a boost in my revenue. People started buying my products because now I was using the right niche and keywords to grab the audience. I could never achieve such amazing results if I would have not tried JungleScout. Thus, I find it necessary to share the secret of my success with you all.

About JungleScout

If you are searching for magic to boost your sales at amazon, try JungleScout. It is an amazing way to find the right niche for your products and build an Amazon FBA empire. JungleScout actually helps you to find the hidden gems, the will help you to grab the right audience. It brings your product to the right position of the search results, which is a difficult job to do. Believe me, selling on Amazon is not a game, and thus investing in the right place is highly important. You can get the JungleScout web app, and Google Chrome extension too. The web app is available on a monthly subscription, whereas you will have to pay an annual fee for chrome extension. In both cases, the JungleScout helps you to get the right keywords and niche for your products.

Major Features and Tools

The best thing about JungleScout is that it gives value to its customers. It continues updating its features to improve the customers’ experience. It makes it the most suitable software for getting the right niche for product selling. It also continuously add new functions to provide more facilities to its customers. That is why it is a more suitable option to invest. Though other software is available in the market, such as Helium 10, but JungleScout is the most amazing option. Its following features make it the most suitable choice for amazon sellers;

1- Product Database

Selling on Amazon requires a lot of things. Thousands of sellers are selling millions of products on amazon. That is why using the right keyword for the filter and niche of your product is highly crucial. When doing manually, it is very difficult to get what niche will be suitable for your product. Also, it is hard to get, which niche or keyword will grab the right audience or consumers. In this way, the product database feature of JungleScout enables you to get the right keywords. It let know you know the powerful filters which make your product prominent in the major Amazon marketplaces. The consumers can search for your product directly with such powerful filters.

2- Product Tracker

If you are a new seller on Amazon, JungleScout will help you to track your products. After your product appears on Amazon, it is very important to see the progress. Product tracking enables you to track how many users approached your product. It also lets you know how many of the users preferred to buy your product. In this way, you can check when the last individual bought your product and how is it performing on amazon? Previously, the JungleScout was providing all information in graphical form. Now it gives details in a table, via which you can evaluate who visited your product and who bought it. In this way product tracker of JungleScout enables you to track the performance of your product. Also, if it is not performing well, it enables you to get the right solution to enhance its performance. It lets you enjoy great revenue by boosting the sell of your products.

3- Supplier Data

There are several suppliers at Amazon, who made their prominent name amongst the consumers. It is very important to understand that suppliers’ data matters the most. You need to first evaluate which suppliers are famous in the production of the same product. You can then check the suppliers’ details and can check how you can improve your performance. This will help you to attract the target audience and establish a strong market amongst the competitors. Moreover, you can also search for the famous supplier of the same product and make a deal. You can contact them and can convince them to sell your products, for which you can set their profit margin. In this way, the expert suppliers will sell your product and you will enjoy a boost in your revenue.

4. Niche Hunter

Do you really know the exact niche that suits your product? Niche plays a crucial role to grab the audiences’ attention. Niche hunter tool of the JungleScout is highly helpful to get the right niche of the product at Amazon. It allows you to use the right keywords, which will lead you to your competitors. In this way, the niche hunter maximizes the efficiency of your product in the simplest way. It leaves dozens of products behind and brings your product at the top of the search results of Amazon. As consumers always prefer to click on the top results, thus this boost the traffic to your products.

5. Keyword Scout

It is the new feature of the JungleScout. The right keyword in your product description grabs the right Amazon shoppers. The keywords let the product appear in the exact demand list of the right consumers. The keyword scout of the software search for the demanding keywords, with which you can boost your revenue. You can use those keywords in your product title and can enjoy earning a great amount in less time. Especially, it is very difficult to know the consumers’ choice and preferred products. The JungleScout gets the real Amazon search volume and gets the right demanding keyword for your product. With such an amazing feature, you don’t need to use a PPC campaign or other marketing strategies. Enjoy earning by just entering the right keyword for the product.

Pricing and Plans

JungleScout keeps its focus on customers’ satisfaction and that is why it keeps updating the plans. Before launching its new features, it was offering three plans on a monthly fee basis. The plans had different sales volumes. However, with the changes in its features, it introduced two new plans. These plans are especially helpful to the new sellers at Amazon. The JungleScout links to the Amazon sellers’ accounts and helps them to boost their sell. I have personally experienced a great rise in my revenue with this amazing software tool. It offers different orders at different prices.

For all plans, you can enjoy tracking of 150 products, unlimited database search, and unlimited niche hunting. If you are a new seller at Amazon, and you don’t want to invest much in it, try the starter plan. Thus investing in the right place will bring great advantages for you. Also, it will help you to build your Amazon FBA empire. You can simply visit www.junglescout.com and can select exclusive offer plan of your choice. Believe me, It is worth every penny.

If you want to know more about JungleScout, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, we will guide you tricks to improve your performance as an Amazon seller. Enjoy selling online and getting great revenue in return. Have a happy selling.

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