is one of the easiest to use tools to support people who want to start their online business and want their site and provided features to be made on the professional level. It is also convenient for people who have been already running their online business for longer time.

It’s easy to use, not overpriced, does not provide tacky service and will help you grow your income as well as number of your customers and followers. Which is only good, for, as we all know, the more people knows about you (and are satisfied with your work), the more people will share the brand awareness. That’s exactly what you want, doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or you already have some experience.


What SamCart Provides and How it Works


A/B testing, upsells, easy-to-customize and mobile responsive templates and free trial (and several other things) are matter of course. It does not provide own e-mail service but it integrates with ConvertKit and several more similar tools.

However, when we look closer you can customize the template much. That’s why you should pick the one you are most comfortable with. What you can change are the colors of your header, footer, background, headline, and buttons. You can choose which form fields will be included on your page (telephone number, shipping, stuff like that).


Big plus comes with support of multiple language usage. That means you can use any language you would like to. Whether you yourself know the language or pay some interpreter to do it for you. Different available languages are nothing else than another good way to attract more customers. More people who understand what you sell = more people who may pay for your product/service.

You can also let your customers use coupons. They need only to write a discount code to pay less. 5% off won’t kill you and, let’s be honest, price has real impact when it comes to deciding what to buy for many people.


Next think I personally like about SamCart is In-Depth Dashboard. This feature shows you how your business, sales, orders, page views and many more things have evolved since you started using it.




Right now, there are two ways people can pay for whatever you provide. SamCart integrates with paypal and with stripe as well. I am sure you would like to know if everything works as it is supposed to. For this there is a sandbox mode where you can “pay” without actually charging your credit card.


Selling your product


To sell your product you have to be able to describe it and persuade people that it’s useful and the best of this kind. You can do it by creating a video, writing article or simply combine both of them. This is the part which takes most of the time to sell online. To encourage people to became your customers may also add some guarantees, benefit bullets, trust-building testimonials…




You can find answers in “help” menu, FAQ section and if you still need more information, just turn to SamCart team. They will do their best to respond you precisely and as soon as possible.




There are several modes: Basic, Pro and Premium. All of them include check out templates, integrations, payment processing, coupons, checkout pop-ups and free SSL certificate. If you only want to try it, there is 14-day free trial. In case you buy it and don’t like it or you don’t consider it as something useful for you, there is 45 days guarantee.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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