How To Use ClickFunnels To Make More Money Online in 2023

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Are you facing problem to boost your sales? No need to worry because here you get the secret of increasing traffic to your e-commerce website or a blog. I personally have an amazing experience of using ClickFunnels. It is an amazing plan to understand your consumers’ demands and attract them in a perfect way. Now selling products online is easy as A, B, and C.

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ClickFunnels help you to attract the customers and convince them to shop from your website. In this article, I am going to share my personal experience with you. Further, I will let you know the subscription methods and helping websites. This will help you to let the website traffic touch the peaks, and enjoy generating great revenue.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Website And A Sales Funnel?

On a website, traffic arrives upon and travels to any area (such as a page or post), while on a funnel, traffic flows linearly from one point of entry to through a sequence of actions leading to a specific goal.

So, what is a funnel?

Consider the user’s journey. A funnel represents the series of steps a user takes from becoming aware of a product or service all the way to “converting” or becoming a paid customer, and eventually a loyal customer.

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This article is helpful to know ClickFunnels as:

E-Commerce Salesman

It seems interesting to sell something online, but the reality is different. My personal experience was worst at the start. Dealing with clients is always challenging, especially when there are a lot of competitors. Consumers visit the website, select products for their cart, but then leave without checkout.

It especially becomes hard to convince someone to buy something from your online store. The online website is like an open market without any salesman there. People come, visit, select, but then leave. They have multiple options and so they love to compare prices and quality. In such a case, ClickFunnels proved to be the greatest help for my business. It is an amazing plan which knows how to grab the consumers’ attention. It picks the customers out of the crowd and convinces them to buy your product.

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You must be thinking how is it possible that an online plan enhances traffic to your website? It is true, as ClickFunnels works more proficient than your salesmen. It gets the consumer’s email addresses, lets them know about the latest updates, and grabs their attention.

It catches the consumers, who leave their cart without checking it out. It lets you know why the consumers are not buying your product. You must have the idea that selling things online is not easy. Attracting the consumers, dealing with their needs, and improving leads is terrible than anything else.

However, ClickFunnels makes this all easier for you with its amazing features. If you have not tried it yet, I would recommend you try it and enjoy a boost to your sales.

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Works like an Angel

Are you fed up with trying to attract your online consumers? Relax, and try Russell Brunson’s solution ClickFunnels. He introduced his solution on June 14, 2015. It is a combination of editors and funnels, which are highly helpful to sell your online products. When I talk about myself, I had no other option but to either sell my website or leave.

One of my friends recommended me to try ClickFunnels, and it worked like an angel for me. It never left me hopeless and helped me as a perfect business partner. It grabbed my consumers’ attention to the principles of ‘Giving Respect and Getting Money.’ With this solution, I learned how to respect consumers.

I changed my selling style and tried hard to know consumers’ demands. ClickFunnels was highly helpful in keeping my consumers loyal and up-to-date. There can be nothing better than this amazing solution.

Less Technical and Efficient

People think e-commerce is technical and that is why they make things complicated and difficult for them. Are you dealing with e-commerce business and designing website is complicated? Believe me ClickFunnels make it easier and fun. With this amazing solution, designing website will no longer be a dream for you. Forget all coding and relax.

ClickFunnels works like your best business partner. It offers you amazing templates, with which you can design your website in easy and attractive manner. It guides you how you can grab the audience attraction, and thus no need to panic at all.

ClickFunnels is easy and you just need for follow few steps to grab this solution. Visit the websites like and Select your favorable membership plan, pay for it, and enjoy increasing leads of your e-commerce website. Some of the people remain reluctant to buy ClickFunnels, as they consider it expensive.

Paying for this amazing solution really worth it. If you really want to enjoy the sales revenue and get a prominent position amongst the consumers, get your plan now.

Better than Old Solutions

If you are old player of the online business, you must have idea of older lead solutions. The most prominent solution was LeadPage. Though this solution was an amazing step towards lead enhancement but it was a complicated solution. It required technical approach towards website development, which was impossible for many.

Many of the users, who opted for the LeadPage, ended up with frustration. ClickFunnels is different and better solution. It does not require any technical approach. Currently, it crossed 98,000 active members, and this all happened because of its user friendly features. It help the website owners in generating more than a hundred million dollars annually.

There are several success stories in the market, associated with ClickFunnels. Many people had broken the annual revenue records with the help of this amazing solution.

Easy to Access

ClickFunnels is an amazing plan, which is easy to access and most suitable solution to e-commerce problems. Two most prominent platforms are and These both websites let you know the greatest secret to improve your sales online.

These platforms provide your complete information regarding benefits of using ClickFunnels. Also, here you know what really funnels strategy is? It re-direct you to the registration site, from where you can know regarding ClickFunnels membership plans. You can select the plan of your choice, as per your budget and requirements. Each plan provides great leads opportunities.

The more you pay, the better you get.

clickfunnels automation

The best thing about ClickFunnels is that it is helpful in designing your websites without hiring expensive developers. It’s all features are very user friendly and easy to understand. The only thing you need to do is, grab your plan. It uses several techniques to keep the consumers updated and agree them to buy your products.

You must be thinking how a software can help in sell? You are right, it is really hard to convince a customer for purchasing something. However, ClickFunnels made it possible with their valuable services. It sends the consumers thanking messages, when they visit your website. Also, it takes their email address via a pop up and then sends them attractive updates.

Not only this but also ClickFunnels track the consumers and analyze their shopping preferences. For example, if users take interest to purchase gadgets, it sends them website updates regarding digital products via email. In this way it re-directs the consumers towards your website and let them select the product of their choice.

Not only this, but also it tracks how much the consumers are purchasing. Some consumers select the products, add them in cart, but then leave without checking out. It sends the reminder emails to the consumers or take feedbacks. In this way it evaluates why the consumers left their cart without checking it out. With the feedback results, the website owners can improve their website design, marketing, and price strategies.

There is no other such solution available in the online market. Thus, I would recommend you to grab your ClickFunnels plan now and boost your sales.

Helpful in Managing SEO

If you are thinking to increase the traffic to your website, you need to know more about SEO. Every website owner dreams to appear at the first page results of Google or other search engine. This is not an easy process, instead requires complete understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimizer).

You need to focus on keywords, and then your content must be unique and attractive for the audience. ClickFunnels helps you to re-design your website and grab the consumers’ attention via SEO. It works really hard to bring you at the top results of search engines. This attracts more users towards the website, who then search and buy products from your online platform.

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People are usually of the view that first page results are the top results. This leaves very positive impact of the page. Amazon also uses the same strategy and remain at the top results of search engine optimizers. In this way, users are re-directed to this website and enjoy shopping via Amazon.

Resultantly, people starting trust this online platform and next time directly visit the website and order their products. The same can be the case with your website. Grab the attention of your consumers via unique keywords and then offer them quality services. This will increase the number of loyal consumers, who will not user search engine for their next shopping.

Enhances Business Experience

If I share my personal experience with you, I had lost my all hopes. Almost three years ago I started my online retailing business with the dreams to be millionaire in days. Initially I focused my complete time in designing the website. For me the design was to make my website beautiful. I had no idea of any technical terms, such as SEO, leads, traffic, and funnels. I started my work as a beginner.

I thought if I will offer low price products, people will buy it immediately. After few months, I understood that lowering price means nothing. The main thing is to grab the audience. If no one is visiting the website, how he/she would know about price or product quality? I checked my website traffic details, and hardly fifteen users visited my website in six months.

After constant struggles of twenty months, I decided to leave this business. I offered one of my friend to buy my website at low price. He asked me the reason of selling such well-established website. I discussed my e-commerce issues, for which he recommended me to research regarding ClickFunnels. I checked all details and plans and then I bought its advanced plan, at the cost $297.

This changed my life even in days. Firstly, I understood that designing website does not mean beauty. Using special keywords, making things user friendly and simple approach is must to attract the customer. Thus, I re-designed my website via ClickFunnels templates and then focused on SEO. I used different keywords to attract the customers via search engine. It worked like a gateway with proper arrows and descriptions. Soon I got my first three orders.

ClickFunnels helped me to attract the consumers, update them via email, and know their desires via surveys. It worked like great business helper and a game changer for me. After my great success with this amazing solution, I would recommend you all to try ClickFunnels and make your business easy.

Affordable and Amazing

Many of the people think that ClickFunnels is just waste of money. Also, some people think hiring SEO are more beneficial than purchasing the solutions. However, they are either those who did not experience ClickFunnels ever, or who have no idea of online business.

This amazing solution really worth it, and you will get your money back in just few weeks. I had personally experienced its great plans, and I always found it friendly and helpful in revenue generation.

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ClickFunnels basically offers two different pricing plans. One is at affordable rate but with limited facilities. However, other plan is a little expensive but really worth it. It all depends on you that either you will wait for your consumers or will spend a little to generate great profit. The first plan is famous as Basic Plan, which worth $97.

Other plan is advanced plan, which provides you more features in just $297. You must be thinking that what is the difference between these two plans, and what plan should you buy? When I heard about ClickFunnels I also had same thing in my mind. That is why I am going to explain both plans in details;

Basic Plan: Many of us prefer to buy this plan because it is less expensive. I offers 20 funnels to the buyers, with 20,000 visitors and 100 pages. It means you can use 20 funnels to grab your consumers’ attention. In this plan, ClickFunnels will help you to attract around 20,000 visitors. In some cases, people buy this plan but does not get any order.

The reason is that it only attract visitors, who visit your website. Now it is your duty to make your website attractive and useful for the consumers. Offer attractive products and make it the best place for shopping.

Advance Plan: If you are thinking that $297 is too much, you are wrong. Spending money to get little is not a wise decision. In this plan, though you are going to spend a huge amount, you will get countless benefits. It offers your lifetime benefits in terms of unlimited ClickFunnels, pages, and visitors. Now it is up to that either you want to spend money to get limited services or taking interest in one time investment.

Test Plan: Not only this, but also ClickFunnels offer you test plan. We all are reluctant in taking risk, especially when it is about spending money. That is why this amazing solution offers you test plan, with which you can ensure its impact on your sales. This plan is available in $19, in which you will get 10 pages and 3 funnels.

clickfunnels bonus

After reading this article, you must be also thinking to purchase ClickFunnels’ plan. I would recommend you to think wisely and take timely decisions. This will not only change your business world, but also will leave a positive effect on your personal life.

A happy life is always a pleasure for an individual. Now, don’t wait and visit (That Has Helped Businesses Grow From ‘Startup’ To ‘Two Comma Club Winner’ Insanely Fast…) and (Boost your sales by 540% – register to get a FREE 48 Hour pass to watch the presentation)

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Here you will know more about ClickFunnels and can register yourself to purchase its amazing plans. I would recommend you go for lifetime plan, which will bring lifetime financial advantages for you.

If you are interested to know more about ClickFunnels, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, stay connected to know more about tips to enhance your leads. Furthermore, stay tuned to know how to earn more via online business. Enjoy earning online!

“I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.”

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