Hubspot Review – Always Easy. Now Deeply Powerful

Are you a salesperson or ever tried HubSpot for marketing and sales? Business is tricky and requires great knowledge of different tools. When I was working as a salesperson, I had to manage my all records in a spreadsheet format. The records included the contact names, address, account numbers, and other details. Initially, I found it very difficult and time-consuming. Later, one of my colleagues told me about HubSpot, after which marketing became colleagues for me. If you also want to know about the secret of HubSpot, continue reading the article.

Multiple Services

HubSpot is an amazing tool, which offers great services to its customers according to their requirements. It starts with marketing and ends up with an evaluation. With this amazing tool, you can enjoy lead generation, customer tracking, and performance evaluation. It also offers free limited features to the customers, through which they can get more understanding of its features. HubSpot firstly released its customer relationship management in 2014. Through such services, it added a new dimension to the business world. It made it clear that marketing is not just sales, instead, it is about giving value to the customers.

Valuable Experience

I have personally used HubSpot while working as a salesperson for a website. The webmaster hired me to improve its marketing and boost revenue generation. I heard about HubSpot and visited This was an amazing platform, where I came to know about its three services; Marketing, Sales, and Services. I initially registered myself for free HubSpot. I was very easy, as it just asked for some personal credentials and details related website. It tracked the customers via email and let them know regarding updates of our website. Soon, I observed a boost in traffic to our platform, which left a positive impact on our sales. Consumers were liking to visit our website and were preferring to buy from us.

Sales Tools

HubSpot offers amazing sales tools to its customers and gives the value to get their loyalty in return. It has many basic tools for starters. Even in the free plan, it offers great tools to its customers, else you can purchase its services at just $50. Some of its important and beneficial sales tools include email templates, prospects, meetings, and snippets. Also, it offers documents, email tracking and tasks related tools. With such amazing tools, you can set the marketing strategy of your website and can boost traffic to it.

Email Tracking:

The major reason that users do not buy something from the website is casual dealing. Customers love when you give value to them and that is what HubSpot does. It understands the importance of giving value to customers. That is why it keeps a complete track of who visited your website and why didn’t they buy something. In this way, it gets the reason why the user left without purchasing your services. For example, if the user searched for something but left because it was costly, it will let you know. You can track the visitor from its email via HubSpot and can offer something alternative at a reasonable price. In this way, it grabs the consumers’ attention and brings great revenue to you.

Lead Generation:

It is a highly helpful tool for lead generation. If you have ever tried PPC, you should have an idea of how difficult it is to grab the audience. HubSpot tracks the online users, and get them to your website via sending updates. It uses their email addresses and send them updates of what is your offering? Especially, it let them know regarding your new services and their other things related to their interest. In this way, they are re-directed to your website which in return boost traffic to your platform.


HubSpot offers live chat and video chat features to its customers. With such features, you can enjoy dealing with your users in a unique way. You can use video chat features to advertise your services and serve to the users in a better and unique way. In this way, HubSpot makes marketing easier for you.

Feedback Evaluation

Feedback is very important to understand why the customer is liking or disliking your services. Thus, HubSpot grabs the users’ attention and take feedback from them either via email or online. In this way, it let you evaluate the website performance and consumers’ requirements. After which, you can serve your customers with well-managed services

Pricing Details

HubSpot offers three amazing plans to its customers. Though you can enjoy some of its marketing features free of cost. However, with the starter package in just $50, you can escape from the limitation. If you need marketing with online tracking and lead generation, the professional package will be the best choice. It is available in just $800 and offers amazing tracking and lead generation services. Finally, it offers an enterprise plan for large organizations in just $3,200. In such a plan, HubSpot offers you great management, extension, and revenue evaluation services. If you are running a big corporation, and do not have much time for marketing, grab enterprise plan


Also, if you want to extend HubSpot starter services with its Customer Management services, try another plan. It names as Starter + HubSpot CMS and costs $350. It offers amazing features as starters along with engaging web content tools, leads, and personal experiences.


Advantages of using HubSpot

The great advantage of using HubSpot is that it’s some features are totally free. You can easily subscribe to this software and can enjoy its features totally free. Another best feature of HubSpot is that you can include unlimited users. This simply means that if you are a team, you all can enjoy its services for marketing and sales.

HubSpot offers ‘Live Chat Tool’ to its customers. With this amazing service, you can give a new customer care experience to your website visitors. The best thing about this feature is that it is also available for free users. In this way, you can guide your customers regarding your services and give them the next leveled value. Also, for paid customers, HubSpot offers a live chat management facility. In this way, you can conduct inquiries and scheduled meetings with your team easily.

Usually, it is difficult to track who visited your website and why they left without purchasing. This question is of great importance in digital marketing and business. HubSpot CRM tracks the customers and lets you know who visited the website and gives insight details. It tracks the customers via their email addresses and follows them up for marketing purposes in the future. Also, via Gmail, HubSpot lets you track the users’ activities on your website. If you are free users, you can enjoy these services for a week. However, if you are a paid customer, you can enjoy tracking data anytime.

Usually, marketing tools do not allow customers to customize their services. HubSpot is unique in this way. It allows the customers to enjoy the customization of your brand’s sales process. It gives priority to the customers’ satisfaction and comfort and so proves it as the best marketing solution.

Some Downsides of HubSpot

HubSpot is an amazing marketing and sales tool, which offers great features to its customers. It enables them to customize their services and enjoy the marketing of their website, the way they want. Despite these all efforts, HubSpot has some downsides too. HubSpot is new to the field of customer relationship management. That is why it faces limitations in some of its features. Though it remains focused on research and development still it has a lot to do with regular updates.

HubSpot is very user-friendly and is the best solution for the startup. It deals with limited data very efficiently and that is why highly suitable for small organizations. However, when it comes to large enterprises, HubSpot is not much advance to deal with their requirements. It needs to work on some of its features to deal with data in an advance way. Otherwise, it may face more pressure from its competitors.

HubSpot is trying to provide different facilities to its customers but still, it is not much flexible. It enables the customers to customize their services but you cannot change the sales processes. The customization is only limited to your team’s processes and need and it has nothing to do with actual sales features. It not only makes HubSpot inflexible but also leaves a negative impact on its customers’ experience.

Despite some cons of the HubSpot, I found it an amazing choice for my marketing job. With my positive experience of using this marketing tool, I will highly recommend you try it. Even if it purchase its paid plans, it is worth every penny. Enjoy boosting your revenue with HubSpot FREE Trial.