One Funnel Away Challenge – Review


If you are wondering to know more about One Funnel Away Challenge, this article is for you. It is a perfect review to meet your desire of knowing more about ClickFunnels training.

It elaborates ClickFunnels coaching, huge discounts, and OFA challenge. Also, the article includes the answer to ‘how to get the OFA challenge at a cheaper rate or for free. Continue reading the article to know more about it.


ClickFunnels OFA Challenge indeed seems more like online marketing, but it’s different. It transformed the lives of thousands of business owners. If I share my personal experience, I wasn’t earning more than $500/mon.

This coaching session brought a boost in my sales. Many of the people find it unbelievable but it leaves a marvelous impact on the online business.

What is OFA Challenge?

It is a virtual coaching session with top marketing coaches; Russell Brunson with his partners. It is really helpful to launch your first sales funnel while completing each day challenge.

If you are thinking that is it, then you are wrong. It is a complete guide about creating, structuring, launching, and marketing your products. It helps you with thousands of prospects, and effective methods to grab the audience attention.

It arms you to teeth every resource that can change your business sales. It attracts the REAL audience which brings a boost in your sales.

Who are the Coaches?

With OFA Challenge program, you will get access to three top marketing coaches. These experts include Russel Brunson; Julie Stoian, and Steve Larsen.

They will guide you everything about effective marketing and walk you through step-by-step methods. Let’s talk about the Coaches one by one.

#1 OFA Coach – Russell Brunson

He is the founder of ClickFunnels and also an author of the Dotcom Secrets; the bestselling book. He will teach you different tactics to grab the audience attraction.

If you hire him for Masterclass, he takes $25,000 per class, but here you will get all at just $100.

#2 One Funnel Away Coach – Julie Stoian

Julie is 2comma award winner and one of the famous masterminds. She is the creator of several events and online courses.

She is a popular businesswoman, who built multiple million generating business in the past decade. She educates the businessmen regarding how to attract an audience by utilizing digital marketing. She sales funnels to boost business sales too.

#3 Trainer/Coach – Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen is a great marketer, famous for his strong content about marketing. He is also a 2comma award winner and most talented sales funnel expert.

He is responsible to respond to the most of the One Funnel Away live coaching calls. He motivates you to adopt new strategies and boost your business sales to the peak. He guides you through videos and interactions.

Price and Cost

If you are thinking OFA Challenge of ClickFunnels is expensive, you must go through its benefits. It costs just $100 for covering all coaching material, bonuses, and training sessions kit for 30 days.

The shipping may cost your $19.95 extra for US residents and $29.95 extra for outsiders. However, if you want to save your shipping charges, you can simply buy its digital version. You can download the coaching material and workbooks with the amazing training kit.

If don’t want to spend too much on the OFA challenge, you can also get it free. Yes, you read it right, it is free for freebies. Let me explain, Russell Brunson offers a program ‘Funnel Flix; to the Platinum users of ClickFunnels.

They can have free access to different ClickFunnels program, and OFA challenge is among. You can view recordings online and get free OFA. Also, you can visit to get free OFA.

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