Facebook Side Hustle Course

This plan promises you to have an extra monthly income from $1,000 up to $2,000 by running facebook ads for local businesses. However, this is only if you run ads for one bussines. The more ads you run, the more can you get. It’s not complicated, it takes 2 or three hours daily and you can do it from comfort of your home. Sounds good, right? So let’s take a closer look on it.

What exactly is going on there?


As I mentioned, it’s about managing facebook ads. There are many people running a business looking for someone who will deal with the ads to spread the awareness about the company. For some salary, of course. And you don’t even need your own website or special programming skills to do this for them.

Managing the ads isn’t difficult at all. You can get into it in several days or maybe hours if you are handy enough. Step-by-step plans included in the course will make it for you as easy as possible. It’s an effective way to drive leads for any business and you’ll profit from your investment quite quickly.

This side hustle only takes a few hours each week. After you onboard a client and do the initial ad creation and audience testing, the ads essentially run on autopilot from then.

We could also call this form of avertising an inovation. Interned is probably the most used medium nowadays and Milions of people have their own facebook account. With Facebook, a business owner can start advertising with a small budget and start seeing immediate results – that same day, usually within a few hours. The ad gets to potential customers quickly and this form of it is much cheaper than TV spot or billboard.

What does this course consist of?

This course is divided into nine modules (each made of several parts). And there are four free bonuses, too. Here’s a simple summary. For more information about them visit:


I decided not to post deeper description because if I did so, this article would be so long most of you would not read it even to the half. To get the main point of the course, this summary is enough.

Module 1- basic information you need to know

  • Why FB ads are a good source of new customers
    How to use FB to generate leads for local businesses
    Deeper explanation of how to use necessary functions of FB ad platform
    The anatomy of a well performing FB ad (Did you know that successful ads have usually only four parts and about 60 words?
    Ad placement options. (There are a few different spots you can place ads for your client)
    The three levels of an ad compaign

Moule 2- The funnel

  • What a funnel is… and why it’s the #1 way for any business to generate and convert leads into customers on the internet.
    The Client Journey… a simple process for outlining what happens from the first time a lead sees your ad… to when they ultimately become a customer.
    Lead Forms vs Conversions
    Creating the landing page
    Setting up a lead form

Module 3- The ad

  • How to choose the correct campaign objective that brings in the maximum amount of new business for your client
    Targeting Basics: How to find and target the best kind of leads for your client’s business
    Choosing your image
    Direct Response Copywriting 101: A quick crash course in writing words that make people take action

Module 4- FB Assets

  • What a Facebook pixel is… and why it’s key to getting amazing results for your clients
    How to install the pixel
    Standard Events & Custom Conversions

Module 5- Walkthroughts

  • Creating Your First Conversion Campaign
    Creating Your First Lead Form Campaign

Module 6- Best Practises

  • The golden rule
    Scaling your ads

Module 7- Troubleshooting Your Ads

  • Identify The Problem, Here’s The Solution

Module 8- Setting youself up

  • FB page setup
    Business manager setup
    The tools we use

Module 9- Landing your first client

  • What niches to target
    How to use your “inner circle“ to get your first paying client
    The group method (FB groups)
    The e-mail hustle
    Getting paid
    The onboarding process
    1st bonus: One Free Month Of Personal Coaching & Support Inside Our FBSH Coaching Community (Value: $47) –
    This is a private FB group for members of the FBSH course only. Once you get in, the creators of the course, and other participants, will help you work through each step of the system, support you, give you feedback and many useful advices how to go about acquiring and closing your first few deals.
    2nd bonus Mike’s 8-Step Client Call Script (Value: $197) In addition to the training you’ll get on closing deals with new clients… You will also get Mike’s exact, word-for-word script that you can basically read from the paper and close sales without big struggle or pushback.
    3rd bonus: The Ultimate Lead Follow-Up System (Value $197)


  • You’re going to be getting many, many new, fresh leads for your clients. But this means nothing. You have to turn them into paying customers, so your employer actually gets a result from your services and continue to have money to pay you.
    You’re going to provide your clients with even more value, which may be a good reason for people to pay you, not someone else.If you are that lucky, they may recommend your services to others.
    4th bonus: Our Client Lead Tracking Automation System (Value: $97)
    This module is going to show you how to set up a lead-tracking notification system for your clients. What’s going to happen is you’re going to set up a system that immediately notifies your clients via text message when a new lead enters their funnel through their Facebook ad. It’s very important that your clients/employers follow up with these leads – the sooner they can follow up, the higher chance there is that lead will become a paying customer.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $250 and you will get the already mentioned bonuses for free (total value of them is $750).

How much can you earn?

Well, companies usually pay from $1,000 – $2,000 dollars monthly. You probably wonder why but the answer is really simple. And yes, it is worthy for them. People running those companies have probably many things to do, many stuff to deal with, many meeting in their schedule. It’s more worthy to pay someone $1,000 than do it themselves and lose about three hours a day which they could spend on important meetings or so. The time you spend doing the ad they can spend earning much more than your income is.

There’s no point to hesitate. You only invest $250 and with your very first customer you will get these money back several times. The course is easy, everything is explained step by step and you can turn on support group with any question. It’s up to you if this become your passive or main income.

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