How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer

There is hardly a career that has not changed an evolved because of the internet. The internet has changed more than just our everyday lives. Its changed the way we communicate and as a writer there is a lot of opportunity for you with online writing jobs. In many ways the internet has created a whole new demand for writers. With most people going online to look for information there is an ever growing amount of websites that need content – and lots of it.

Working as a freelance writer is one of the most popular ways to make money online. There is plenty of work for those who love to write. Statistics show that six out of 10 businesses are spending more on content production and that the need for eBooks, case studies, articles, and newsletters is growing at an unprecedented rate. Having a solid grasp of language and being able to write in a concise manner is a must.


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Gather Your Writing Samples

In the world of freelance writing, you’re only as good as your writing samples. Put together a writing portfolio that contains brief writing samples – not a 25-page final paper. Your samples should include all kinds of writing from a feature-reporting piece you’ve done for the school paper to a witty blog post to Tweets (yes, writing for social media can earn you money, too). If you don’t have samples that fit what employers are looking for, starting as an intern is a great first step to a paid gig.

Go Corporate

Freelance writing can involve pitches to local publications or big time media outlets, but it’s often business owners who need the help and are most ready to hire. Don’t just think freelancing involves traditional publications. Business owners often need help with all kinds of copy including: blog posts, social media updates, newsletters, blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, annual reports and marketing materials.

Create a Niche

When you’re first starting out, you may take any job that you can get, but it’s always best to specialize in a specific area as your portfolio grows. Are you interested in writing about everything environmentally friendly? Look for businesses that are green service providers (perhaps a local cleaning company that uses organic products) or stores carrying eco-friendly wares.

Or maybe you’re not after an industry, but you’d rather write a blog post than product descriptions. Go ahead and specialize in blogging and educate yourself on SEO and blogging best practices rather than short, catchy product copy. As the saying goes, if you’re a jack-of-all-trades, you’re never a master of one.

Show Off Your Tech Skills

While writing can help pay the bills, it’s much easier to land a new freelance job when you can add tech skills to your credentials. Get experience using blogging software like WordPress on Bluehost so that you’re comfortable creating posts from start to finish. If you’re interested in e-mail marketing, get familiar with e-mail platforms like Convertkit, Getresponse, and MailChimp. An employer is more likely to hire someone who can put together a project from start to finish.

Grow Your Business

As you start to grow your portfolio and your niche, it’s time to grow your business by asking for recommendations and referrals. Including a client’s recommendation in your portfolio or cover letter can establish your credibility and create trust instantly from perspective clients. You can also let your current clients know that you’re looking for more businesses, and that you would appreciate any referrals from other business owners looking for a bit of extra help.

Identify some of the biggest names in your niche

Interview a few of them and write a compelling article. Submit your work to a few major online publications. Contact other bloggers and let them know about your services. By offering to write quality content for these bloggers, you are helping them save time. Look for job opportunities on forums and bid sites. There are many online communities of writers to partner with. You can ask other writers about the latest writing gigs and share industry specific tips.

Write your own eBook

Another way to make money online as a freelance writer is to write your own eBook about a topic that you are passionate about. Lots of writers are earning hundreds of dollars with their eBooks. Some companies hire writers to create content for online newsletters or write product reviews. If you have a background in advertising, you can write slogans for different companies.

Use social media marketing to your advantage

Create detailed profile pages that describe your services. Make your promotional content attractive and concise. Always offer significant value before asking for anything. Check out job boards and apply for relevant writing gigs. Once you have some published articles on well established sites, you can use your published work as reference.

Make sure your portfolio features your best work

Do not send poorly written articles to potential customers. If someone asks you to write a sample article, spend a few minutes reading through the archives of the site you are writing for. You can also write niche articles in batches and sell them to one or more clients. If you want to make a full income as a freelance writer, learn about search engine optimization and then integrate these concepts in your articles.

Note: For you to be able to work as a freelance writer, you need to have good grammar and spelling skills. Your grammar needs to be impeccable in order to make money writing; it is highly unlikely that anyone would give you work if you have bad grammatical skills.

Figure out your writing strengths. Seek the job that you know you can do instead of the one that you think you can do. You should also have a target of how much money you want to make, and you can freely search the jobs that pay you accordingly.

It is a positive selling point for gaining work if you have previous experience. Your experience can convince potential clients of the quality and consistency of your work.




Being a freelance writer will allow you to spend more time at home and do what you love the most. While there are many ways to make money online, freelance writing is a rewarding career that can bring you a decent income. If you want to know how to make money online as a freelance writer, do proper research and look for job opportunities on a daily basis.



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