How to Travel on a Budget While Still Having the Best Time!

Often we forget that the real luxury in the journey is time, not money! This sentence will provoke controversy, but trust me if someone wants to travel what’s really enough is the combo time and passion!

Some people say if you spend less the comfort is lowered, this is a real assumption, but if the passion is traveling you can enjoy it even more while staying on a budget! I know that not everyone is used to organizing a low-cost trip, they have a gloomy and sad imaginary, but I assure you that it is absolutely not like that.

The most important feature on a low-cost trip

Do you know which is the most important feature on a low-cost trip? Creativity! Looking for the best way to make the most of your time while on a vacation, you are going to push yourself exploring new solutions, options and possibilities.

This is going to be a mind-blowing method to create for example a unique itinerary optimizing your real interest, your time and your money too! First things first, you need to book your accommodation in advance as, as you may know, booking as soon as possible gives you the chance to save a lot of money finding the best deal on the market!

Plan a trip to remember

Of course, in order to do that you have to rely on the right tools to plan a trip to remember! Today with the power of the internet having our backs, we can easily look for the perfect options for that specific type of travel we want to experience. For example, you could start looking for some place to stay exploring websites like and, offering deals, solutions and options for every budget and need.

Besides that we really think you should forget about the most common touristic paths and things to do and go for something typical as traditional food, traditional places and highlights to really catch the most precious authentic and real side of the country you decide to visit while saving a lot of money.

Yes, because, some places are just touristic traps that really do not worth your time and money! Besides all these tips you should look for some other options such as renting a car so you can save money and optimize your time having the freedom you need to explore some places at your own pace, in a flexible and adventurous way!

Some website like really help you to customize your experience choosing the vehicle, the right optional to add to your specific case and to move around faster and cheaper!

Stay on Budget

We know that sometimes you like to treat yourself with a good dinner, but to stay on budget you have to know how to balance. You could have lunch with a set menu, as they usually offer a good quantity and quality at a reasonable price, and allow you to be less hungry in the evening .

You should totally eat where the locals eat as the locals know where the best food is offered, often on the street, on banquets or in the markets. Or, another great solution is go for some shopping at local markets where you can buy the best fresh traditional food ever!

Plus, this is the best way to really know how you live in a place, discover the typical dishes, talk with old ladies and ask for recipes. As for things to do, remember to talk to the people, try to follow all the free city tours and full-immerse into your new adventure living the authentic side of the country you decided to explore.

Enjoy your trip!


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