Why Rollover Your IRA or 401K into Gold and Silver?

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Gold has been a store of value for thousands of years now. It was firstly used as a means of payment, nowadays it is mostly considered a scarce metal. Even though the gold has been present throughout almost whole human history, many people are still sceptical about seeing it as a form of investment.

It may be mostly because investing in gold does not bring future revenues in the same way as bonds or shares do. Investing in gold is not meant to gradually increase your money. The value of gold usually increases when the value of other assets decreases and vice versa. That is why investment in gold often brings only one-time payoff, and that is, when you sell it for higher amount that you have bought it.

The biggest reason for investing in gold is the fact that paper currencies fail. When money is no longer backed by gold, hyperinflation is inevitable. Gold, as a scarce metal, is not affected by any type of inflation; it’s value stays the same no matter the time. Other important reason is that even central banks as well as billionaires are buying gold as well. The demand for gold is only rising, mainly because of its fixed value.

There are five main ways of investment in gold. First and the most obvious one is physical gold bullions. There is no alternative for many investors than having actual physical metal in their possession. Gold coins and bars are available from government mints as well as private sellers, coin dealers or other precious-metals retail specialists. The biggest benefit of this investment is the direct ownership of the metal. However, you must find a way to store it safely, which may bring many challenges and it may be costly.

The next way includes exchange-traded funds, which is buying a share from other company, trading gold. Another method includes gold futures contracts, which are a low-cost alternative for the physical gold. However, you do not have to invest into gold directly. You can invest into gold mining stocks, or into gold streaming companies. This way, you have a share in a business, but it is still not inflated in any way.

Personally, I decided to invest my money into physical gold long time ago. I have an account in an company called Regal Assets and I highly recommend it. It was founded in 2009 and is very successful until now. They focus on high purity bullion approved by IRS for IRA investments, that is why they are an appropriate choice if you want to invest in physical gold. Their storage is located not only in the USA, but also in Singapore, which has the most secure financial jurisdiction. And they always store your metal separately and under your name; it is even independently audited and verified. Also, they offer different account sizes and they give a full insurance within every one of those.

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Investing your money in gold is good and profitable idea for long-term investments. It can be done in an easy and safe way, when you choose your provider wisely. Do not forget to always check the company and their background to make sure your money, invested in gold, are not lost.

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